Kayak da slalom K1 Barbusa, Galasport


The BARBUSA is the newest model of the children kayak. It´s origin is in the popular children kayak Toril. The Barbucha is meeting the possibilities of the children´s body and it is bringing a pleasure from the canoeing thanks to the characteristics of the Barbucha. Even the youngest kayakers are able to imitate the moves of their older idols. The dimensions of the Barbucha meet the rules of the ICF. The Barbucha when you compare it with the TORIL is turning much better with the tail under water and it has much better dynamics. The volume of the Barbucha is smaller in the front of the cockpit and the kayak is narrower when you compare it with a kayak for adults. Thanks to it the young paddler can pull the blade along the kayak and the stroke is much better. The cockpit is slightly smaller in comparsion with the cockpit of the kayak for adults. The children can easily remove their spraydeck. We recommend the BARBUCHA for children aged 9 -13 and with their weight up to 45 kgs.

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