Canoa da slalom C1 What Else, Galasport


This model is a result of Tony’s Estanquet long-standing testing and development. Tony is a triple Olympic champion who has designed many of our successful models. He wanted to prepare brilliant boat that would persuade other paddlers of its quality so there is no need to look for anything else. This model is inspired by Tony’s previous boat TILT, there are 3 essential changes on the bottom: the rear part helps to keep the speed and the direction of the boat, wider middle part increases boat stability and the nose shape helps with manoeuvrability. Je to nejúspěšnější C1 loď sezóny 2012 na které získal olympijské zlato Tony Estanguet (gold Olympic medal) and Sideris Tasiadis (silver Olympic medal) were paddling this boat in London 2012. There were 5 boats “the What Else” in TOP 7 in the European Championship in Augsburg 2012. This boat is suitable for paddlers from 65 up to 85kg.

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