Kayak da polo K1 Polo Phoenix XXL, Galasport


Brought to you by the designer of the Phoenix, this boat has been developed upon the concepts of Phillip Pfister (French National Canoepolo Team) and Neklan Unger (Swiss National Canoepolo Team). Our project was to develop a boat for the bigger paddlers with the same fast and maneuverable qualities of the Phoenix. Its larger cockpit (2cm wider & 2,5 cm longer) and increased volume allow for a comfortable fit and make it a pleasure to play Kanu – Polo. The seat is also proportionally larger for comfortable seating of an XXL paddler. Thanks to a slight central, longitudinal edge in the bottom of the front section, accentuated towards the front impact zone, the acceleration and the final speed has been increased. The rear section has been shaped wider and flatter allowing for easier diving and turning.

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